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Andrology: The branch of medicine concerned with men’s health, particularly male infertility and sexual dysfunction. Andrology is literally the study of man (Greek andros, man). It is the male counterpart of gynecology.
An andrologist is a medical doctor or licensed physician who provides diagnostic and treatment services to men with reproductive health issues. These professionals help patients who have hormonal disorders, fertility issues, and erectile dysfunction, among other problems. They conduct physical examinations, prescribe medications, and suggest lifestyle changes to help patients overcome and manage their disorders and problems. Many andrologists also perform routine surgical procedures, including vasectomies.
Relationship to Urology
The practice and study of andrology is often considered a specialty area of urology. Many urologists offer consulting and limited treatment for male patients who have reproductive problems, though recurring issues and more complex problems are often best handled by a specially trained andrologist. A urologist with an andrology background will often have more experience with nuanced reproductive problems and be more up-to-date on possible cures.
The main focus of any andrologist is male reproductive health. He or she is usually considered an expert in impotence, low sperm counts, and prostate problems, and is often called upon to relieve pain and discomfort related to groin injuries or deformities.
Many patient problems, such as erectile dysfunction and many sexually transmitted diseases, can be treated effectively with medications. Issues like testicular torsion, undescended testes, infertility, and cancer may require more detailed treatment. Depending on regional restrictions and an andrologist’s training, he or she may be able to offer surgical services when required. Some professionals are qualified to perform vasectomies, augmentations, and sex change operations, for example, many of which can be done on an outpatient basis. In vitro fertilizations may also come under this sort of professional’s expertise.
Importance of Compassion
Sexual and reproductive health issues are often very sensitive topics, which means that andrologists must usually have a strong bedside manner in order to find success and retain patients’ trust. Medical professionals within this specialty often struggle to find a balance between scientific honesty and compassion, and must usually be able to communicate well both with patients and their families. Many of the conditions that these professionals treat are long-lasting, and most treatments require trust as much as medical precision to be successful.

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