St Davids Hospital In Austin Texas And Its Proximity To Hotel Austin Airport

Where is St Davids Hospital? It stands in the center of Austin, Texas and is easily accessible by road or air. In fact, the airport is only a five-minute drive away which is very convenient indeed and the airport offers special assistance with disabled people, promoting a worthwhile mutual service between hospital and airport hotel.

Why is this hospital unique? Well it has numerous facilities all offering professional and top class care. It is proud of its Women Health Center which is unrivaled in Texas and provides Level III neonatal care, gynecology and obstetrics and a special breast center. It also takes pride in the excellence of its other facilities which are a superior emergency department open at all times, an oncology department, orthopedic sector, famous rehabilitation center, stroke center, and a specialized weight-loss surgery section. The Texan Cardiac Arrhythmia Institute and also the Neuro Texas Center can also be found here.

It was in Austin, Texas in fact, that the much celebrated triathlon Lance Armstrong first discovered that he had testicular cancer through a consultation with one of its urologists. Officially rated among the top ten best hospitals in Texas, St Davids is a place that takes pride in its efforts to provide excellence in every sphere. Patients return regularly to this large center to avail themselves of many of the superior services they offer in varied fields.

St Davids prides itself a great deal on the great Women Services Unit which offers not only top neonatal and premature newborn care but promotes family inclusion in natural birthing units and is part of the Texas Breastfeeding Promotion Organization. In the Cardiac Arrhythmia Section, high-care qualified nurses provide attention on a one-to-one basis from the moment their patients arrives and like many of the other departments of St Davids, has its own Internet site.

This hospital is a teaching hospital and therefore contains the latest technology and is supportive of minimally-invasive surgery wherever possible. Their Neurology Institute does research on the spinal cord, nerves and the brain. They have been leaders in many complicated surgeries and you can read about these on the blogs of their patients

Ranked no less than second-best in the universe for an airport terminal of this size, the nearby Austin-Bergstrom International Airport and the Hotel Austin Airport stand ready to help with travelers who have disabilities. A peek around its Internet site will show that this stupendous airport has great shops and restaurants, a viewing site of the runways (all named after famous people) and lots of assistance with baggage, lost and found, parking, etc. It also has a central courtyard where musicians from Austin come to play and render beautiful concerts. The airport terminal supports amongst others, the State Aircraft Pooling Board and the Texas Army National Guard.

The one and a half mile route from the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport and hotel is easy. Drive west from the airport and turn left at Airport Boulevard. After 400 feet, take the first road right which will be E38th 1/2 Street. From here turn left along I-35 Frontage Road South and finally right at E 32nd Street where you will find the impressive St Davids Hospital right there on your left at number 919 E 32nd Street.

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