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A myspace comeback? | special events 101

A MySpace Comeback?

February 19, 2012
  Avery Webster


Think you saw the end of MySpace? According to new owners Justin Timberlake and brothers Tim and Chris Vanderhook, you’ve only seen the beginning. The revamp is going to be extensive, but in the words of the conglomerate’s newly appointed entertainment chief, “the revolution is coming.”

If you’re like me, you remember MySpace in what (I had assumed) was its peak. All the cool kids had one, and it was the perfect platform for posting good pictures of yourself, bad pictures of your enemies and whatever songs you wanted to with no regard for copyright infringement. Then Facebook came along, and all of those things became easier, so we all migrated away from MySpace and it became a ghost town of a social network… like Friendster.

But in the mid-2000’s, something started happening on MySpace. Music artists—popular ones, indie ones and undiscovered ones—all started using MySpace as the method of choice for sharing new music and connecting with fans. It became something of an arts community for the rest of us.

Last summer, the “new” MySpace began rolling out, with an updated music player to better facilitate this type of musical community. But, there’s more, we’re assured by the new management.

It’s also rumored that MySpace will begin hosting original video content as well as expanding its current music sharing capacity.

How to properly take soma

Once that you have started using Soma, you need to do everything in your power to stick with the regimen that was prescribed to you. What this entails is being precise about your schedule, never adjusting the dosages without consulting your physician and also, and this might even be the most important aspect of properly using Soma, you must stop your treatment when your doctor tells you. The problem is that Soma may cause dependence and this is best avoided by stopping the regimen when told and in the fashion you were told to do it.

We would also like to urge you to find out more about any possible side effects that Soma might cause, as well as about any signs that your body may not be responding too well to the medication. This is important to be familiar with as you might need professional attention and you might not realize it otherwise. Finally, make sure you do not take Soma at the same time as some other medications in order to avoid any interactions.

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The three main body types or somatypes and somanabolic body building

The idea of Somatypes, or body types, a key concept used in Kyle Leon’s Muscle Maximizer,  is a concept of body classification first announced by William H. Sheldon, PhD, MD, in the 1940s.  Since then, nutritionists, physiologists, and doctors in relevant areas of practice have used it to help design effective, individualized fitness plans.

The essence of the classification system is that we all fall approximately into one of the three categories below, with some crossover characteristics i.e. the system is based on dominant characteristics, not on pure traits. The three types are:

  • Ectomorphic
  • EndoMorphic
  • Mesomorphic


1282106976zx5q4EEctomorphs are essentially are long and lean, with little body fat, and little muscle. They often experience difficulty  in  gaining weight, especially in their younger days when their metabolic rate is rather high . In this category we often find catwalk models .  Whilst many people might wish to be in this category, it presents a challenge for bodybuilders and must be addressed with its own customized regime.  One advantage though is that it is easier for this type to add muscle without fat as long as the right diet regime is applied, but gaining any kind of weight for someone who is ectomorphic can require a diet based on exceptionally high protein intake. Fruits and vegetables should not be given up though, even though proteins should be the main part of the diet when building miscle fast. Ectomorphs do tend to metabolize food instead of storing it as fat, and a tough exercise regime helps to use it to form muscle.



Endomorhic types tend to have lots of body fat, lots of muscle, and gain weight easily. Amongst this type you’ll find heavyweight wrestlers, sumo wrestlers, and football linemen. Most people who work and work out hard but still struggle to lose body fat are endomorphs. Endomorphic types have slow metabolisms and are prone to store fat easily; they are usually, but not always, people of large frame with medium to large joints. Endomorphs have, in various degrees metabolisms that are carbohydrate-sensitive and resistant to insulin so high carbohydrate diets are often not effective for body fat control. Processed and refined carbohydrates that contain white sugar and white flour are particularly bad for endomorphic types, and tend to convert to body fat rapidly and easily.



Mesomorphic types tend towards being well muscled with wide shoulders, long arms and a narrow waist. A typical example of this type in sports is a typical, shot putter or sprinter. Generally, mesomorphs rank high on strength, speed, endurance, power and agility. They both gain and lose weight rather more easily than most of us. They also have no trouble gaining muscle, but often find it difficult to lose weight and in particular they have trouble losing weight around their abdomen. They’re often excel in sports that require a lot of power such as soccer, rugby and sprinting events in track and field.

How Is That Relevant to Fast Muscle Building?

The subject of this blog, the Kyle Leon Muscle Maximizer course is based on body somatypes, with each person’s training being based on input data to the nutrition spreadsheet which in turn will provide you with the right regime for your body type. That’s Kyle Leon’s secret, and the basis of his fast muscle-building course. You can try it at the link below – safe and fast.