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Somacentered massage therapy santa barbara – menu of massage services

Swedish Massage

Relax and rejuvenate with a therapeutic combination of long, gentle strokes ideal for increased circulation and blood flow.  This type of massage manipulates soft tissue, flowing toward the heart to aide in deeper relaxation, improved circulation and reduced swelling.  Great for overall well-being and increased immunity.

Deep Tissue

This specialized technique allows for deeper tissue connection, and breaks up scar tissue adhesions, and tense muscular “knots”.  It can be very therapeutic, allowing for a thorough experience of tension release and relaxation into the natural structure of the body. 

Energy Healing

Though it is difficult to articulate, energy flows inside of us.  I incorporate energy healing into each massage session, usually without words, but with clear intention.  It is a simple technique that allows for total relaxation in the moment, and welcomes peace and ease into the massage session and out into daily life. 

Integrative Massage

This technique combines a variety of modalities, creating an overall complete experience of therapeutic massage.  I combine Swedish, Energy Balancing, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, and Reflexology into an integrated session.  

Connective Tissue Therapy

A combination of Deep Tissue and Trigger Point Therapy, this technique can be slow and deep, allowing for natural tissue response.  It can be an especially transformative and deeply healing modality.

Senior Massage

Massage has many benefits for people who are aging.  The NIH recognizes Massage Therapy as a Complementary Alternative Medicine stating the goal of the therapy is to relax the soft tissues, increase delivery of blood and
oxygen to the massaged areas, warm them, and decrease pain.  In addition, massage can be deeply relaxing and help with lethargy and depression that can sometimes present during major life changes.


Aromatherapy is a wonderful modality for creating a relaxing environment, reducing stress and tension, elevating the mood, and increasing general well being.  Therapeutic grade, all natural oils are used in combination with other treatments to address the needs of each individual client.  Individual oil blends can be made upon request.


Reflexology promotes relaxation, improves circulation, reduces pain, soothes tired feet, and encourages overall healing of the entire body, contacting separate body systems and organs individually.  Sore, tired and achy feet will love a gift of a reflexology massage session.

Pregnancy Massage

The experience of pregnancy and motherhood is incredibly precious and both mom and baby benefit from regular pre- and post-natal massage!  If appropriate, special oil blends can be mixed to provide greater relaxation and comfort during this special time.  Treat yourself or someone you love to a series today.

Seated Chair Massage

Seated Chair Massage is a great for first time massage clients, those who are not comfortable lying down, or anyone who is pressed for time as sessions can be shorter in length.  Rates differ for chair sessions, so please contact Melissa.

5 skin no-no’s | what not to do when it comes to your skin

When it comes to skin, many of us take the proactive approach:
we wash it thoroughly, put on the necessary creams and concealers and cannot
stop fussing with it. But when it comes to skincare, it’s just as important to
avoid certain actions than to be hands-on. Here are the 5 Skin no-no’s to keep
in mind:

Washing too much:
We tend to think that washing our skin is a good thing…and it is. But over
washing can do more harm than good. reports that “Over-washing dries your skin out,
and then your sebaceous glands respond by overproducing, so you end up with
skin that’s simultaneously dehydrated and superficially oiled up, leading to
breakouts and poor texture”.

Picking at pores: We
may not want to admit it, but those self-administered extractions are one of
those secret pleasures. But if you’re not careful, these home “facials” can
cause damaged skin, scarring and infections.

Baking in the sun:
A little tan can make you look healthy, not to mention incredibly sexy.
However, skin damage and/or cancer is not. So be sure to put on some SPF before
going outside and avoid baking under those UV rays.

Leaving sweat on your
face after the gym
: We go to the gym to get our sweat on, but it’s just as
important to get that sweat off ASAP. Sweat combined with the bacteria roaming
around in the gym can cause major breakouts. Of course, we can’t cut our
cardio. But we can bring cleansing wipes to get rid of the sweat and dirt even
before jumping in the shower.

Using old/expired
: Stumbling across an old/unused product may feel like finding a
five-dollar bill underneath the couch cushion. The difference, however, is that
the five dollar bill doesn’t go bad. Sometimes, the chemicals in older products
can alter, causing the cream to have an adverse effect on your skin such as
swelling or other types of allergic reactions.

Often times, breakouts are caused by stress or hormones. But
sometimes, the damage is done by our very own hands. Give your skin a break and
watch as you become breakout free.

Shisham of india | sexy savanah

posted by Savanah on Jul 2

I was alarmed about the number of Shisham trees dying in India. I read a survey by the Forest Research Institute (FRI) which sites that the mortality of Shisham trees, also known as the ‘money’ tree in the timber business vernacular, has caused a loss of well over 1,000 crore in the Indian sub-continent. When I arrived and checked into the Palace Hotel India, my first call was to the Forest Pathology Division and make arrangements to help out as an environmentalist and scientist.

Nearly 8 to 10 lakh trees have wilted causing a huge loss in the nation. The FRI have set up multi-location trials through a series of root-dip methods. The trials, they tell me, are trying to bring back the resistance in the Shisham trees. These trees are the biggest provider of timber for making furniture and for building materials in India. So, the whole timber industry is helping out financially with these trials.

It appears that as soil-born fungus called Fusarium Solani is the root cause of the disease plagued Shisham. This fungus inflicts upon the trunks of the trees and causes them to be unable to recoup. A telltale sign that the fungus has stuck a tree is that the leaves turn pale and within a week, maybe two, the tree dies. The fungus works that fast. The staff at FRI showed me satellite pictures which show a brown haze over Delhi and extends the entire stretch of the lower Himalaya and up to West Bengal on to Bangladesh and other Southern Asian countries. They tell me that they believe it’s due to this phenomenon along side the drought which has aided to the stress of the trees not being able to fight off the fungus.

The Shisham is a most important timber in India, so we are taking steps to save it from further decay. I don’t know if there’s anything more to be done than what is already being done, but I’m not the only environmentalist working diligently on this task.

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Sales seasons » 2008 » june

Increase Your Online Revenue

If you have an online business and you find that you are making more money from people clicking on your advertisements than buying your products then you are probably doing something wrong with your marketing. It is important to market your products effectively in order to generate sales.

There are many websites that offer products for sale and they don’t have a picture for the shopper to see the actual product. Many people shop in a store because they can have the product in their hand before they make a purchase. The step to shopping online is a big one for many shoppers and if they cannot see what they are buying then they most likely won’t make a purchase. You are taking a big risk if you don’t have photos of your products for shoppers to see. It doesn’t matter what it says they are purchasing. Pictures allow the shopper to trust that they are getting exactly what the picture displays, not something else. If you have a website that sells Trapp candles then you may have to take 100 different photos.

You also need to provide the proper information about your products. If you have pictures with a dollar sign next to them then the shopper doesn’t know exactly what they are getting. For instance, if you are selling scented candles then the shopper wants to know what the candle smells like. You need to specify that the candle smells like cinnamon or vanilla. Maybe the shopper is allergic to vanilla and the candle is white and you haven’t listed the candle actually smells like the fresh mountain breeze. You won’t sell any candles if you don’t tell the shoppers about the product. If you sell clothing then you should tell shoppers what the fabric is too. This is only common sense.

If you have an online business and you don’t have the time to market your products or you just can’t get it right to sell your items then you need to consider hiring an Online Marketing Consultant. They can design your website appropriately so you can generate more sales. They will make sure the content and the pictures are proper and if there are any other changes you should make to your site.It is very important to market your products properly. A consultant will provide the proper website marketing on your site and all over the Internet. They will also create the hype about your business so you have a lot of people coming to see you.

If you have a business on the Internet and find your sales are low then you need to do something about it. There are many businesses that fail every year because they don’t know how to get it right. You need to be sure you are marketing your products effectively. If you do not know how to do this then you can hire someone to help you. It is a very low cost for the benefits you will reap in return.

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June 28th, 2008 by admin

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Rimonabant acomplia articles – rimonabant acomplia online

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2006-2007, All Rights Reserved

Note: Rimonabant Acomplia Online is a self-reliant informative website offering information on a range of diet drugs. We are a self-regulated online marketing channel. We do not possess the authority to take or process orders of prescription drugs, and do not operate as a pharmacy. Zimulti Acomplia Online offers referral links to merchants administering an Affiliate Program and asserting to be valid Pharmacy Merchants qualified to circulate medications under the countries specific regulations and rules. Determining the authenticity and accuracy of the pharmacy while placing an order, is the sole responsibility of the patient. Zimulti Acomplia Online makes no representations or warranties or any approval about the services of the pharmacy enumerated on the website.
We are not responsible for any damage, loss or any claim, resulting due to usage of any medication either purchased on their website or other website related to this website. Information provided on this website is not intended to serve as a medical advice. Information provided at Zimulti Acomplia Online is solely for informational purposes only. Consultation with a doctor is always suggested to inform you about your specific medical situation.

Penrith valley business wxpo

Why exhibit at a business-to-business event?

A major shift has occurred in the market place:  the shift from the business being
soley in control of the sales process to the power now resting with the customer – a customer who is more savvy, more demanding, more in control of the marketing process than ever before.

Marketing has become a two way conversation.  You have to engage with potential customers, build a relationship and allow them to direct you as to what they want from the relationship.

To do that effectively and cost efficiently you need to understand your market – their values, their views – and then ‘talk with’, (rather than ‘to’) those customers in a way that demonstrates that you recognise who they are and what they want.

Effectively conversing with your customers means using the right tone of voice, visual imagery, and words in all of your marketing activity – your print ads, brochures, web-sites, every communication tactic that you employ from how you answer the phone to the look of your invoices – that screams “I know you, I like you, I’m like you”.

Much is made of exhibitions as the most effective and cost efficient medium for one-on-one, face-to-face marketingand obviously exhibitions are an incredibly valuable marketing tool for generating leads. In fact “Generating Leads” is the number one reason why businesses choose to exhibit at business-to-business trade shows (Number Two is “Generating Awareness”). 

But of equal value to building a quality data-base of leads and generating awareness of your business is the feedback that your business receives – the opportunity to hear what the market has to say, to listen to your customers, to find out what they want and to start an authentic and sincere two way conversation.

Your business is dependent on your target market – what they want, where they are, who they like, what is important to them.  Exhibiting at business-to-business or business-to-consumer events is true two-way engagement with your market:  effective and cost efficient marketing that is vital for the life of your business.


What can you achieve by exhibiting at expos?

Generate leads

Generate awareness


De-position a competitor

Conduct direct sales

Market research

Launch a new product or service

Motivate and educate staff

Generate publicity

Position staff as experts

Conduct competitions

Summer 2010

As is often true in how these things find their origins, a small group of meditators from different traditions, all residing in the Twin Cities, collectively had an urge to come together as a larger group, and meditate for peace on earth.

And so we did.

We organized a one-time event in January of 2009. When over 400 hundred people showed up and enthusiastically expressed their desire to attend more events like the first one, we decided to do them quarterly.

The intention behind these gatherings was not to make it into a complicated project or organization, but to keep the focus on simply gathering together to meditate for peace on earth.

We believe that in practicing the “less is more” principle we will make more likely be able to hear what the community wants and to follow that energy. To that end, we personally don’t decide who we think should be invited to teach the next meditation. We try to listen closely to what we hear in the community and then ask a teacher after a discernment process. We have had teachers from Taoist, Yogic, Zen, Mindfulness, and Sufi  traditions lead the meditations.

The Peace on Earth Meditation is a grassroots inter-faith, inter-tradition initiative. Having adopted a no advertising, no promotion, no marketing philosophy, invitations to the gatherings are spread through yoga studios, meditation centers and from individual to individual.  And now we have this website to help spread the word.

Because of our philosophy, we also ask that the teachers for the meditations do no more then explain how they approach peace on earth through meditation and then lead the group in meditation and possibly chanting. Donations are collected each time solely to cover the cost of the meditation hall.

You are invited to download the current pdf and share it with those who you know might be interested or post it where there might be like minded people.  Peace On Earth Meditations will continue as long as there is interest. Check back every couple of months for updates, or subscribe to our rss feed. Now scheduled into the second year, we invite you to find a little space on your calendar and join this community event. The simplicity and significance of such gatherings speaks to people’s innate peace and urge to share it with others and the world.

And please remember to pass on the pdf to a friend. Let’s make peace on earth a reality.

Quarterly Meditations Calendar

  • Events are coming soon, stay tuned!

Prazolam damier » investing in corporate catering

If you have a tight schedule and you do not want to go out for lunch, you shall need to choose a solution, which fits your needs. This is why it is advisable to use the corporate catering services. This is the aspect of ordering food to meet your needs. If you want them to deliver to your office, they shall do so on time. When you make the order, you will get the delivery at the right time and the place. This is good for people who want to invest in good food but they do not have the time of day to step out of the office. The deliveries are made on time so you have the assurance you shall get hot, and fresh food.
If you want to host some home parties but you do not have the chance to cook food, you will only need to choose the services of this company. This aids you to get the high quality results that you have always wanted. You do not need to embarrass your image in front of your friends by offering them bad food. At times, due to the busy schedule that we have, it gets hard to prepare food for your pals. This is why it is highly advisable to use corporate catering options. The services are affordable and you get a wide range of different offers to choose from. This shall not embarrass you since they have the right tools, ingredients and offer fresh foods. You only need to give the direction for the party and they shall arrive ready to serve your guests. If you want to have delivers done in packed containers, you shall have it on time. Some people want to impress and pretend they cooked the food. The catering service shall delver everything on time as you had requested. You shall only need to warm the food.