The tag line in web design

A lot of

web design

elements tend to deal with visuals. That’s what design is all about. It is a mistake, however, to concentrate solely on the visual elements of your site during initial web development. Smart site owners take the more practical uses of their websites, such as marketing appeal and SEO, into consideration. This means looking at text – and more specifically, the tag line.

Tag lines are easy to overlook during design, but don’t be fooled. On a completed web page, they are one of the first elements your customers will view. Being the first text that most internet users absorb, the wording of your tag line is important, but the font, size, position and style will all contribute in a major way. You can discuss crafting tag lines with us at Click Consult.

A good tagline should carry on the message set forward by your company logo. Most site designs incorporate a logo and tagline on the top of the page, usually with header navigation immediately underneath. This banner arrangement crafts a message of what your company is about, the combination of design, wording and positioning all giving a strong impression.

Tag lines are especially important to

web marketing

as they will either back up or dismantle the marketing message. If target customers are led to believe you provide a professional service, and your tag line is in Comic Sans, you may scare them off. The size of the tag line will indicate how strongly you stand by it. Use the space you’re given to create the right psychological impression.

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