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Diabetic patients or simply diabetics have recently increased in the modern world.  Many drugs have been advanced to help treat such patients. Actos is among the most common drug used for the treatment. Instead of diabetics using injections, Actos is used as an alternative.  There have been an increase in consumption of these drugs especially due to the advertisements on social media websites and banners.

This drug is prescribed for patients who are suffering from Diabetes 2; it helps to regulate the blood sugar and therefore keep the health of the patient safe. Unfortunately, is popularity is slowly waning away after it was discovered that it’s a leading cause of bladder cancer.

Actos and Diabetes

Diabetes is among the fatal diseases that have hit the latest records but for wrong reasons. Working conditions, nature of lifestyles, hereditary factors and other complications are among the causes of diabetes. In the recent studies, it has been proved that even kids can be born diabetic. Actos is a drug that was manufactured to treat diabetes; however, FDA has recently ruled out that the use of this drug could lead to the cancer of the bladder.

Actos Can Lead to Bladder Cancer

There is no doubt that cancer is among the fatal diseases that frighten humanity.  Cancer of the bladder or commonly referred to as gall bladder cancer couldn’t be the easiest type to talk about. First of all, this is because it is rare and therefore seems to be more ‘personal’. All the same, this is a serious health condition that can be caused by long-term use of actos.

It has been proven beyond reasonable doubts that it could lead to the occurrence of cancer. There are numerous cases of Actos users being diagnosed with actos bladder cancer.

It is almost impossible to notice cancer especially when the patient has just started medication; it is therefore necessary to have a personal interview with your medical care provider before you embark on using any diabetic medicines.

Signs And Symptoms

There have been claims from patients who were using these drugs that after using these drugs for a significant period of time, they were later diagnosed with the cancer. This can be quite devastating and it can be a double loss and expense, since the patient will have to assume two complications at a time.  The Actos lawsuit fully compensates the eligible patients who have fallen in this category.  When it comes to regulating the amount of glucose in the body, Actos effectively performs this role and in fact prolongs the lifespan of the diabetic patient.

The dark side of this drug is the most scaring.  However, this doesn’t happen to every patient; there are many other factors that contribute to the formation of cancer; for instance, hereditary factors. The first symptom that could alert you of cancer is the presence of red color in the urine; the patient will also have increased desire to urinate, and there is much pain on the back and the lower part of the abdomen.  It is important to report such cases in the soonest time possible to a doctor. When it has been fully proven that the patient has cancer, it is recommended that they stop using the medicine as soon as possible and seek new medical solution.

Getting experienced Actos Litigation Lawyer

If you or your loved one is a victim of Actos bladder cancer, you may be entitled to financial compensation. To know if your claim qualifies, contact our legal professionals for a free case review.

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